Why Choose and Trust BIDC?

Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) is the First Joint Commission International JCI accredited (USA Quality & Safety Standards) dental center in Thailand. Many of our team of Professional Dentists are internationally certified. Award-winning BIDC is Thailand's largest private standalone center equiped with advanced technologies.Our treatment fees are Standardized Pricings. We focus on sterilization, treatment quality patient safety standards.


General Dentistry

BIDC is a leading dental implant center in Thailand. Our highly qualified team of implantologists holds one of the country's highest dental implants success rates. Equipped with advance dental implant technologies, BIDC uses digitalized 3D CT Scan and has an dedicated dental implants prostheses lab for its dental implant treatment. BIDC is the associate partner for Straumann dental implants, an ADA approved with one of the world's most established historical success implant rates. BIDC is the first using Roxolid and Bone Level dental implants by Thailand's top ITI Straumann implantologists. See our dental implant cases.

Thailand Cosmetic Dental Center

BIDC skilled team of cosmetic dentists and dental specialists are the dental makeover professionals in Thailand. With pre-verified qualifications and assigned privileges, our carefully selected cosmetic dentists team restores smiles from full mouth rehabilitation to single restorations. New material developments with IPS Empress Veneers, Procera, Cercon, 3M Lava All Ceramic Crowns and Bridges provides more natural esthetics. BIDC's dedicated on-site ceramics dental lab enables quality controls and immediate shade selection for quick and esthetic results. See our dental makeover and porcelain veneers cases.

Zoom & BriteSmile Whitening Center

BIDC and its dental group is a Top Provider for Zoom Advance. Brighten your smile in one hour one visit with our current teeth whitening promotional offers. BIDC offers both Zoom Teeth Whitening as seen on Hollywood's ABC Extreme Makeover television programme. All our teeth whitening treatments have certificate of authencity 

Bangkok Orthodontics Center

Bangkok Orthodontic Center provides the full range of invisible orthodontic treatments including Lingual braces, Invisalign, Clear braces and Damon braces.All our orthodontic cases are done by orthodontists specialists, many of whom are trained from the USA, UK, Japan.Specified orthodontists specialize further in lingual technique and Invisalign with additional certifications. BIDC is an Invisalign Top Platinum Provider and 3M Unitek Clarity Provider.


Dentists and Dental Specialists

Accredited both locally and globally, our dental specialists are certified in their specific field of specialities including the USA and UK. Over 70% of our dental specialists trained overseas, many of whom are board certified. BIDC works by a referral system providing a one-stop dental specialists center.

Dental Treatments & Services

BIDC provides the full range of dental treatments including dental implants, ceramic crowns, bridges, veneers, lumineers, inlays, onlays, tooth-colored fillings, damon braces, lingual braces, invisalign, dentures, root canal treatment, gum surgery, cosmetic dentistry as well as general dentistry.


Sterilization Standards

BIDC carries the latest sterilization machines and equipments to ensure all our instruments are fully sterilized with strict controls complying international sterilization standards & sterilization indicators. BIDC is JCI accredited and ISO 9001 2008 certified (latest version) and for its sterilization processes and dental service managment.

International Patient Services

BIDC is an award-winning dental center for providing dental treatments to international patients. BIDC is the first dental clinic in Bangkok with a boutique hotel within its dental complex. Pre-visit dental planning, Hotel arrangements, payment options and other services are available on request to our overseas guests seeking dental treatments in Thailand.


From USA - Dental Fillings

“It is really modern and advanced... It was the best dental work I had done... I worked at a dental clinic in America, and BIDC definately matches the standards... The healthcare standards, safety, cleanliness, with the sterilization, everything is definately up to code....”


 From United Kingdom - Dental Implants

“I had 5 dental implants successfully placed. It was a painless dental experience. I have no hesitation to recommend BIDC serious about quality dental treatments.


From Australia - Dental Crowns

“The center was recommended directly from my healthcare company who mentioned BIDC is the best... What I found exceptional was the level of care from check-in through to x-rays and nurses... They are extremely professional, kind and helpful.”


 Australian Patient Feedback on Dental Crowns & Teeth Fillings 

Ms Anna Musson from Australia was recommended directly by her healthcare company for dental works at Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) because her healthcare company fedback that BIDC was one of the top dental clinic.




Lava 3M ESPE Dedicated Lab

BIDC has its dental laboratory within its dental complex for its all porcelain prostheses teethworks that enables faster treatment delivery, immediate teeth shade selection and adjustments at the chairside as well as for better esthetic quality specification, control between the lab technician and your dentist.

Endodontic Microscope OPMI

BIDC uses the latest OPMI with Superlux 180 Xenon illumination by Carl Zeiss Surgical GmbH for deep detailed viewing and more precise treatment during root canal treatments. BIDC is one of the few dental center within Thailand with a endodontic microscope.

3D Computerized Dental Implant Imaging

The innovative 3D computerized visualization implant planning system allows more accurate and predictable treatment planning of dental implants.

Roxolid™ SLActive and Bone Level Implants - 
The New Innovative Implant Material

BIDC is the first dental clinic in Thailand to offer the new Roxolid SLActive Implants by Straumann that provides high strength with excellent osseointegration delivering lower risks in implant treatment. Straumann bone level implants allows for better aesthetics in replacing front missing gaps in teeth.

BIDC Success Celebration Event

BIDC celebrates having received the prestigious Thailand Prime Minister's Export Award (Hospitals/Clinics) and Baipo Business Award (Quality, Customer Focus, Branding) with BIDC's Thailand's celebrities, social elites, alliances and patients.

3D CT Scan and Dental Diagnostics

BIDC has its own on-site CT Scanning Dental Technology without the need for being referred to other locations. BIDC is the first dental clinic in Thailand with the latest Promax 3D CT digital imaging machine enabling detailed diagnostic and planning for complex dental implants cases and maxillofacial surgery.

Planmeca Promax Digital Panoramic,
Cephlometric and Tomographic X-rays Machine

BIDC is the first dental clinic in Thailand with the latest advance digital panoramic x-ray by Planmeca. With vertical segmenting, Promax's radiation exposure to patient can be reduced by up to 80% compared to a full area panoramic exposure. ProMax's effective tomography programs provides precise tomographical information for implant treatment planning.

Lumineers by Cerinate

Lumineers are one type of ultra-thin porcelain dental veneers. Lumineers is a quick and easy process that is able to transform smiles to a desired white color shades. Lumineers may be placed on without shots and with minimal or no tooth preparation for seleccted cases

Immediate Function All-on-4 and All-on-6 Implants

Immediate Function Implants is a concept whereby new teeth (fixed bridges or overdenture) is placed on within the same trip in 72 hours. The All-on-four and All-on-Six concept enables shorter treatment time and no healing time required prior to functioning for cases with full mouth missing teeth.