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New Zelanad Patient Feedback on Dental Crowns and Dental Fillings Dental Service at Bangkok International Dental Center

Treatments Received : Dental Crowns and Dental Fillings

"Hello, My name is Derek Beckett. I am from Auckland New Zealand. I've come to Bangkok to have some dental work done and to have a holiday for my family. 

A friend of mine recommended me. He has lived in Bangkok before and has used your clinic. He suggested that I come to the BIDC because he was very happy the work that was done to his teeth. He also told me that your service is less expensive than in my country. Now that I have used your clinic and I agree with him.

I had two crowns fitted and two large fillings. This was a lot of work to be done at one time, but I was aware of this before I came. It was uncomfortable in the chair and for a time after, but was worth the sacrifice.
If I did this at home, I would most likely have done one crown per year as I would have needed to save up for them. It suited me now to have all work completed.

I had a tender mouth and gums for two days. It was painful to eat hard food for that time also, because I could feel pressure under the crowns and fillings. After that time, my teeth were similar to prior to the treatment.
The only discomfort I felt was when having hot drinks or cold food. The dentist has since told me that the crowns will feel this more than normal teeth. He also told me that it would get better over time.

I would definitely recommend you to friends and family. This experience was the same as New Zealand, but seemed more friendly and less expensive. I will recommend that they have a holiday in Thailand while having dental work done, because that was what I have done. "


Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) is an award-winning dental clinic in Thailand having received the prestigious Prime Minister's Export Award for providing Oustanding Best Service Provider in the category of Hospital/Clinics, the Baipo Award for customer focus, branding and quality, the Thailand Trustmark Award and DBD Awards. BIDC is also the currently the first and only private dental clinic in Bangkok granted an official international title. The dental center is JCI Accredited and ISO9001:2008 certified for its quality management systems in the area of dental care services.