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Melbourne Australia Patient Feedback on Filling, Deep Cleaning, Root Canal Dental Service at Bangkok International Dental Center

Treatments Received : Filling, Deep Cleaning, Root Canal

Hello My name is Chris from Melbourne Australia. I work for the Victorian government in my country on buildings. I'm at that certain age whereby my teeth are beginning to need a bit of work they become a bit more expensive. I've gone to dentist all my life ever since I was young I've had fillings and all kinds of things but now gets a bit more expensive. And I'm more cautions what how much I spend on dental work. I heard about this clinic from other Australians, I looked up the web. I did a lot of research. And I was already impressed even before I came here but now I've been here and had my treatment I've had some Cleaning, some examinations, some Fillings a Root Canal and finally a Crown. I'm absolutely stoked this is fantastic facility. The staff are friendly, the staff speaks good English they explain every step of the way what they are going to do. They show the costings before they do it. I can't fault the treatment. The Highly Professional Treatment at BIDC. I've been really really happy. Today I go home back to Australia with good teeth and Happy experience so Thank you BIDC. Thank you very much!


Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) is an award-winning dental clinic in Thailand having received the prestigious Prime Minister's Export Award for providing Oustanding Best Service Provider in the category of Hospital/Clinics, the Baipo Award for customer focus, branding and quality, the Thailand Trustmark Award and DBD Awards. BIDC is also the currently the first and only private dental clinic in Bangkok granted an official international title. The dental center is JCI Accredited and ISO9001:2008 certified for its quality management systems in the area of dental care services.