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United Kingdom Patient Feedback on Dental Implants Dental Service at Bangkok International Dental Center

Treatments Received : Dental Implants

Hi my name is Mark I’m from United Kingdom I came to Thailand was the end of 2014 to seek dental treatment because a lot of my teeth were in a very very false teeth of decay so after many hours of research online I decided to come to Bangkok International Dental Center for consultation in December of last year. And so after have get Deep Clean and an assessment of all of my teeth we decided together the best cost of action would be to have 5 Implants which effectively replace 8 teeth so I have my Implant fitted in December. And I returned six months later to have the abutments and crowns fitted all I can say is that I'm extremely happy with the quality of treatment throughout the procedure there where’s no pain when the implant will being loaded and there was absolutely no pain when the crown is being fitted which was last week. Everything about my new teeth fortnightly is absolutely perfect so on the price was a fraction of what I would expect to pay in the UK so basically I would not hesitate to recommend Bangkok International Dental Center to anybody in the world the receive is about the quality dental treatment. Thank you very much! Goodbye


Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) is an award-winning dental clinic in Thailand having received the prestigious Prime Minister's Export Award for providing Oustanding Best Service Provider in the category of Hospital/Clinics, the Baipo Award for customer focus, branding and quality, the Thailand Trustmark Award and DBD Awards. BIDC is also the currently the first and only private dental clinic in Bangkok granted an official international title. The dental center is JCI Accredited and ISO9001:2008 certified for its quality management systems in the area of dental care services.