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  • About Thailand

    get link Thailand, Thailand is located in Southeast Asia shareing its borders with Burma, Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia. Thailand has a constitutional monarchy, with a Prime Minister as head of government, and the king as head of state. Thailand’s population is about 69 million. About three-quarters of Thailand’s population is Thai. The next largest ethnic group are the Chinese, followed by minority groups like the Mons and Khmers.

  • BIDC in Business Magazines

    BIDC in Business Magazines

  • BIDC in the Media

    BIDC has accomplished many achievements in the areas of dentistry leading the way in the dental industry on standards, technological use and quality. BIDC dental clinics consistently develops and grows its stance in dental tourism and makes developments to provide service excellence to our patients.

  • BIDC On Television

    BIDC has been featured on local television as well as cable television as a leading dental center in Thailand.

  • BIDC Success Celebration Event

    In October 2010, Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) celebrates its 5 year anniversary. The event celebration marks BIDC's success in having received the highest official government award of Thailand Prime Minister's Export Award 2010 and the Baipo Business Award 2010 by Sasin Business School.

  • BizTwist

    Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) was featured on BizTwist feature on the Thailand Outlook channel broadcast over cable television as a leading dental clinic on dental tourism treating international patients worldwide. The video talks about Thailand as a medical tourism hub in Asia attracting medical tourists into the country for dental makeovers. The television programme interviews with BIDC thailand dentists on dental implants and cosmetic dentistry.

  • Coming To BIDC

    Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) recommends making an advance appointment by contacting us prior to your visit in an ensuring a timeslot is reserved for you and channelling your visit more effectively. If walking-in to our center, the next available timeslot is assigned.

  • Hotels and Accomodations for our Patients

    Over the past year, Thailand has an increasing number of foreign visitors visiting our country for medical and dental services.

  • International Newspapers

    BIDC has been featured on international newspapers

  • International Patient Services

    Thailand is growing as Asia's next medical hub for its high standards and medical advancements. Doctors and surgeons undergo rigorous training at established medical institutions with continous developments on their knowledge and skills. They are supported by qualified healthcare professionals and at reasonable costs.

  • Lifestyle magazines

    BIDC in Lifestyle Magazines

  • Lisa's Show

    Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) introduces teeth whitening treatment on thai televsion for Lisa's Show broadcast over cable television. The video in thai talks about considerations and process of having teeth whitening treatment done in Thailand.

  • Local Newspapers

    BIDC has been featured on international newspapers

  • Patient Information

    All of us at BIDC recognise that going to the dentist can bring anxiety. For many it is a new experience and one that no-one would choose unless it was absolutely necessary. So our aim is to give our patients and their relatives and friends as much information as possible so everyone understands exactly what to expect and so anxiety is reduced as much as possible.

  • Payment Options

    For international patients travelling from overseas in seeking treatment in Thailand, BIDC offers a draft costs estimate. If you do have any x-rays, local treatment plan or photos on hand, this will be useful if forwarded to us for our consultant to draw up a draft estimate. If you do not have such information and are unsure on what is required, simply tell us your problems, main dental concerns or requested treatmenets and we will guide you through as much as we can. Treatment fees is dependent on an actual examination and assessment, thus the quoted fees is simply an draft estimate prior to your visit.

  • Plan Your Visit

    Prior to your visit to Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC), plan your visit by learning as much as your can about BIDC and what to expect during your visit here.

  • The Care you Receive

    BIDC and its thailand dental clinics is a leading provider for dental services and Straumann dental implants as well as a top provider for BriteSmile teeth whitening. As a dental specialists center, procedures including all-on-4 and all-on-6 dental implant surgery, detailed root canal treatments using endodontic microscope as well as aesthetically challenging full mouth rehabilitation cases are done at BIDC.

  • The Mini Hotel at Ratchada

    Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) has always been at the forefront of serving international patients, many of whom have come specially in having major dental works done with us. BIDC leads the way in dental hospitality being the first dental clinic in Thailand with a 30 room boutique hip hotel within its dental building in providing a one-stop services to international travellers.

  • The News

    BIDC has been featured on local newspapers as well as international newspapers

  • What's on Each Floor

    BIDC has 4 office locations. Click to view photos gallery of our dental clinics: Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) - Main Center at Ratchadapesik Rd Phuket Dental Signature at Patong, Phuket Dental Signature by BIDC - Siam Paragon Mall at Sukhumvit Dental Signature by BIDC - Central Eastville at Lad Phrao