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Why Choose BIDC?

Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) is Thailand's leading for dental service provider.
Factors that differentiate BIDC from other dental clinics and hospital include:


JCI Accredited Dental Center

BIDC is accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), the international section of USA's Joint Comission organization that reviews and accredits American hospitals on safety and quality. The JCI checklist includes over standards covering areas from surgical hygiene to the primary source verfication and privileging of dentists. The certification by a world-reputable third-party organization indicates BIDC's dedication and focus on quality and safety.
BIDC is the first dental clinic in Thailand to achieve the JCI accreditation in the year 2010 marking is a remarkable accomplishment for the country. BIDC center maintains a standards-based evaluation using evident based measurements for its quality and safety processes.

Logo of Joint Commission International (JCI) quality approval


Team of Professional Certified Dentists & Medical Staff

Logo of Thai Dental Council
Logo of International Team of Implantology(ITI)
Logo of American Board of Prosthodontics
Logo of American Board of Orthodontics
Logo of Australasian Orthodontic Board

All of BIDC team of dentists are fully licensed by the Thai Dental Council to practice dentistry within Thailand. Many of our dental specialists are Board certified in their area of specialty locally or from the US, Australia, or Europe.
Our team of dentists are assigned privileges whereby each dentists is creditialed to perform only specified areas of dental treatments based on their qualifications and expertises. This ensures to patients that they are proper treated by qualified dentists who has been reviewed and evaluated. Dentists' privileges are re-reviewed every three years. Please feel free to view a summary of your dentists.
Our nurses are also verified to have undergone and passed nursing certification exams to practice in Thailand. Nurses are re-certified at every 5 years and nurses at BIDC receive English language training and ongoing continuing training and education in caring and ensuring patient safety.


Experienced Management

BIDC has been treating international patients from over 43 countries different countries since 2004. A significant percentage of BIDC's patients come from overseas specially to Thailand for their dental treatments. Facilities in place catering for international patients include:

  • International Call Center : full-time speaking staff fluent in English in replying enquiries online and on the phone
  • Accomodiations & Hotels : BIDC has a 30 room boutique hotel connected and located within BIDC building complex for international patients. The center also has alliances with hotels nearby BIDC at favorably competitive rates for our international patients on request.
  • On-site Dental Laboratory : Enables dentists to work quickly with dental lab technicians in delivering teeth works for quicker treatment completion and adjustments

Sterilization & Patient Safety Focus

BIDC ensure patient safety abiding by strict practice standards outlined by the JCI standards. BIDC has control checks in place to provide a clean, disinfected environment for each patient. Policies are in place to ensure that all rooms and equipment are properly set up and sterilized daily and after each use. Water used for patient treatment are ultra-violet and ozonation filtered. Protective equipments and disposable items are consistently used where possible.
Visitors and patients are enouraged to use handgel in preventing airborne infections. Our staff are tracked and monitored daily for hand hygiene adherence. Each bottle of handgel is dated and disposed if left unused within 30 days. BIDC traces cleanliness to the most smallest details including where and how general or infectious waste is disposed.

Dental instruments at BIDC undergo several rounds of processing to ensure total safety and total sterilization has been met .At every stage of our dental instrument sterilization process, indicators and measurement monitoring are done to double check and re-confirm that instruments are sterile including the use of chemical and biological test indicators.

Picture showing Bangkok International Dental Center's sterilization practice according to international standard

The BIDC building was built specially to function as a dental building fitted with high power suction system throughout the building and complies with regulated laws on building and fire safety standards.
Our dental care services, patient concerns, patient safety and clinical quality measures are constantly monitored by a dedicated quality team. Dentists, nurses, staff and patients all participate in ensuring and improving BIDC's process in providing higher level of safety.
Read more on our sterilization processes are BIDC.

State-of-the-Art Technologies

BIDC believes that all our patients should have access to the latest proven diagnostic and treatment technology. Our dental clinics are equipped with only the most modern equipment in the market in order to ensure that our patients get the best diagnosis and comfort.
Read more about our the advance technologies utilized at BIDC including carl zesis endodontic microscopes, laser systems, i ntra-oral cameras and 3D CT Scans.

Transparent & Standardized Fees

Unlike other thailand dental clinics that markets a wide varying price range, BIDC dental fees are standardized and transparent to our patients. There are no hidden services charges or tax surcharges imposed by other thailand clinics and hospitals. Foreign patients and local patients are charged the same non-discriminatory dental fees providing our patients peace of mind.