Thailand General Dentists at BIDC

Dr. Wilaiwan Panyavorachart DDS.,
  • DDS., Prince of Songkhla University


Dr. Nontapan Teppanich DDS.,
  • DDS., Srinakharinwirot University
  • Graduate Diploma in Clinical Sciences Degree (Prosthodontics), Chulalongkorn University


Dr. Nisna Khemthong DDS.,
  • DDS., Mahidol University


Dr.Isaya Kungvarnchaikul DDS.,
  • DDS., Mahidol University


Dr. Soontharaporn Wongsirikul DDS.,
  • DDS., Prince of Songkhla University
  • Diploma in Clinical Dentistry, The University of Adelaide, Australia


Dr.Jutanuch Ngamwuttipong DDS.,
  • DDS., Mahidol University


Dr. Auraiporn Lovakit DDs.,
  • DDS.,Chulalongkorn University


Dr.Mueanjan Lertviwatkul DDS.,
  • DDS., Chulalongkorn University


Dr.Chaiyapol Chaweewannakorn DDS.,
  • DDS., Mahidol University


Dr.Vasapran Watanasuwan DDS.,
  • DDS., Srinakharinwirot University


Dr. Jareeporn Satthasuk
  • DDS., Chaing Mai University

General Dentists

General dentists help maintain a healthy smile by performing general oral checkups, x-rays, dental fillings amongst other general dental treatments. General dentists are dentists that provide primary dental care providing information on dental hygiene and checking that teeth are healthy.
In Thailand, upon completion of 6 years training at the dental school at a recognized university with a DDS degree, general dentists take a professional examination before being granted a dental license in Thailand by the Thai Dental Coucil enabling them to practice dentistry. General dentists with a valid thai license are able to perform all fields of dentistry including oral surgery, orthodontics and dental implant treatments.
At BIDC, to ensure consistent standardized of proper diagnoses and treatment by our dentist, our dental center goes a further step in privileging all our dentists. Thai Dentists at BIDC are assigned privileges and can perform only limited dental treatments areas based on their additional certification, training and experience on their dental specialty. As a large dental center, patients are able to find dentists in each dentistry specialization at our dental center to effective refer, diagnoses and treat dental concerns.
Patients are recommended to visit their general dentists bi-annually.