Lava Zirconia Crowns from 3M ESPE

go to link Lava zirconia 3M ESPE or Lava crowns are one of the strongest zirconia-based all-ceramic restorations available today. Lava crowns and bridges combine both strength and durability coupled with esthetics that has eight shades choices for natural shade matching.

Lava crowns and bridges are produced on a zirconium-oxide glass-free polycrystalline base that result in high-strength and marginal fits suitable for both anterior and posterior applications.


The unique coping is made from a precision CAD/CAM milling system and can withstand stresses many times greater than those in the mouth. Lava has over 5 years of clinical history with proven results.


Advantages of Lava Crowns

  • The patented substructure of 3M lava crowns are available in 8 different shades for natural shade matching
  • lava zirconia provides proven high strength performance
  • lava crowns provide good marginal fit
  • lava crowns enables conventional cementation
  • There is minimal removal of tooth structure with Lava crowns


Why Choose BIDC?


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