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Photo Tesimonials

Photo Tesimonials and patient reviews about their dental experience on their Thailand dentists, dental treatment, facilities and customer services received at BIDC. See photos of patients from various countries around the world



By Countries

Mr. and Mrs. Robb
Ms. Nicole Maree Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Waters 
Mr. Lee Richard



Mr. and Mrs. Faull
Mr.Steven Montgomery
Mr. & Mrs.Hellberg
Mr. Smith




Mr.Cawthon JR
Mr.Daniel Lee
Ms.Nan from USA
Mrs.Amber Pena



คุณโตโน่ ภาคิน
คุณแจน ใบบุญ
คุณแพทริเซีย กู๊ด
คุณมายด์ ลภัสลัล




More Photo Testimonials
Mr.Clements From United Kingdom
Mr.Kanno From Canada
Mr.Serrano From France
Mr.Tan From Myanmar
Photo Testimonials
Ms.Hui From Hong Kong
Mr.Vincenzo Simon From Italy
Ms.Diana Osadcha From Canada
Mr. Edward Rynne, Australia
Ms. Ivanovic
Mr. Christopher Hodge, Scotland
  Ms. Dodunski and Mr. Connor
Mr. Matthew, UK

Case Gallery


BIDC Case Gallery Invisalign




Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) is one of the top dental clinics in Thailand for Invisalign orthodontic treatments having received the Invisalign Diamond Award for successfully treating a large number of Invisalign caes given out by Align Technologies from the USA.

Invisalign straightens your teeth with a series of clear, virtually invisible custom-molded aligners. The course of treatment involves changing aligners to moving your teeth into straighter position step by step until you have a more beautiful smile. And unlike braces, these clear aligners can be removed while you eat and brush your teeth as usual.

Celebrities, actors, expatriates and local residents has sought their Invisalign dental treatments at BIDC with our Invisalign certified orthodontists.


Video testimonials on Invisalign Treatment at BIDC

Doctor feedbacks on her Invisalign treatment at BIDC

Model and actor gives reviews on his Invisalign Lite treatment at BIDC


BIDC Invisalign Cases

BIDC showcases some of our Invisalign cases done by our Invisalign dentists. Our showcases include overseas patients, local thai movie stars, actors/actress and celebrities.

Invisalign Case 1 : Female Actress 15 years from Thailand; treatment for overcrowding of teeth

Before Invisalign test
Frontal View

Side View

Upper View
Lower View
After Invisalign
Front view
Side View
Upper View
Lower View



Invisalign Case 2 : Female aircrew 30 years from Thailand; treatment for severe overcrowding of teeth

Before Invisalign
Frontal View
Side View
Upper View
Lower View
After Invisalign
Front view
Side View
Upper View
Lower View


Invisalign Case 3 : Male 33 years from Netherlands; treatment for spacing between teeth

Before Invisalign
Frontal View
Side View
Upper View
Lower View
After Invisalign
Front view
Side View
Upper View
Lower View

Invisalign Case 4 : Male Actor 36 from Thailand; treatment for deep bite and crowding of lower anterior teeth

Before Invisalign
Frontal View
Side View
Upper View
Lower View
After Invisalign
Front view
Side View
Upper View
Lower View

Invisalign Lite Case

Invisalign Lite Case 1 : Female Doctor from Thailand; treatment for anterior open bite and spacing

Before Invisalign
Frontal View
Side View
Upper View
Lower View
After Invisalign
Front view
Side View
Upper View
Lower View

Invisalign Lite Case 2 : Male from Hong Kong; crowding lower anterior teeth, Narrow upper jaw. Upper teeth are veneer before invisalign treatment (Treatment completion 9 months, 3 trips to Bangkok)

Before Invisalign
Frontal View
Side View
Upper View
Lower View
After Invisalign
Frontal View
Side View
Upper View
Lower View

Invisalign Lite Case 3 : Male from Thailand, crowding and cross-bite of anterior teeth (Treatment completion 10 months)

Before Invisalign
Front view
Side View
Upper View
Lower View
After Invisalign
Front view
Side View
Upper View
Lower View


View more cases and detailed informatiion about Invisalign treatment at our dedicated Invisalign patient website on See other orthodontic treatment cases done by BIDC orthodontist.


Invisalign Orthodontists at BIDC

Dr. Pornsak Tantapakul DDS., MSc.,

  • DDS., Prince of Songkla University 
  • MSc. Orthodontics, University of London, UK
  • Certificate in Orthodontics, New York University , USA
  • Certificate in New Lingual Orthodontic Technique, Taiwan 
  • Certificate in New Lingual Orthodontic Technique, Japan
  • Certificate of Completion, Invisalign, Align Technology, Inc.

Dr. Yingmanee Jermthanes DDS.,MSc.,

  • DDS., Srinakharinwirot University
  • MSc., Orthodontics, Eastman Dental Institute, University College London, UK
  • Certificate in New Lingual Orthodontic Technique
  • Certificate of completion, Invisalign, Align Technology, Inc.

Dr. Wanussanun Kaodilok DDS., MSDc.,

DDS., Khon Kaen University
MSDc., Orthodontics, The University College London, UK
Cert. of completion, Iinvisalign, Align Technology, Inc.

Dr. Suthapar Sri-arunotai DDS., MSc.,

DDS., Chulalongkorn University
MSc., Orthodontics, Chulalongkorn University
Cert. of completion, Invisalign, Align Technology, Inc.


Benefits of Invisalign

  • Invisible thus no unwarranted attention to your mouth
  • Removable thus easy to eat, brush and floss
  • No brackets to catch food or plaque
  • Healthier gums from properly aligned teeth that help gums to "fit" tighter around each tooth
  • Easier cleanings in maintaining a good oral hygiene program that reduce chances of plaque buildup, tooth decay and periodontal disease

Invisalign, however, are not used to treat all all tooth-straightening cases. Also, being removable, patients' compliance is required. Do consult your orthodontist.


Types of Invisalign Treatments

There are basically 3 divisions of Invisalign treatments:

Invisalign i7

Introducing Invisalign i7, the new addition to the Invisalign treatment family which offers an easy and convenient solution specifically designed for minor tooth movement. Invisalign i7 provides results in as little as three months. Invisalign i7 treats slight overcrowding or minor crooked front tooth or minor relapse cases.

Invisalign Lite

With a New horizons for Invisalign. Invisalign Lite provides more freedom to smile. Invisalign Lite supersedes Invisalign Express. Invisalign Lite is made with the same state of the art technology as all Invisalign aligners. But new Invisalign Lite can treat a greater variety of cases than Invisalign Express. Designed with fewer clinical restrictions and up to 14 aligner stages, Invisalign Lite is the more affordable solution for smile enhancements and pre-restorative treatments.

Including the latest advancements of the new features designed for Enhanced Clinical Predictability, Invisalign Lite is designed to deliver more predictable results with a clear smiles.

Invisalign Standard

The standard Invisalign treatment applies to all standard cases used to straighten teeth with as many clear aligners trays as required in achieving the expected simulated results that your orthodontist will discuss through with you on your treatment plan.


Invisalign SmartTrack?

Invisalign aligner now introduces a new aligner material - SmartTrack?. SmartTrack is a highly elastic, proprietary new aligner material that provides patients with gentle, more constant force to improve control of tooth movements with Invisalign clear aligner treatment.

SmartTrack is fully compatible with the existing aligner features and protocols, and provides the same clarity and aesthetics as the old aligner material (EX30).

Benefits of Invisalign SmartTrack

  • more gentle and constant force
  • better fitting aligners that more precisely conforms to the tooth morphology, attachments and interproximal spaces to improve control of tooth movement
  • improved elasticity enabling the aligner to maintain its original shape longer
  • improved patient comfort that is easier to insert and remove


Procedure of Invisalign Treatment

  • First Evaluation
    • An Invisalign Certified Orthodontist evaluates and creates a program of treatment
    • Records and impressions of your teeth are taken
  • Invisalign aligners made and delivered
    • A CT scan (Computed Tomography or CAT scan), is made from your dental impressions that produces an extremely accurate, 3D digital model of your teeth
    • CAD (Computer Aided Design) software is then used to simulate the movement of your teeth during treatment
    • The treatment plan are reviewed, modified, and approved the before the aligners are created
    • Invisalign then uses advanced stereolithography (SLA) technology to build precise molds of your teeth at each stage of your treatment
    • Individualized, custom-created clear aligners are made from these models and sent to your doctor's office
  • Wearing of Invisalign
    • Visits are made to your orthodontist for adjustments and to check progress on a monthly basis
    • At regular intervals, a new set of custom-molded clear aligners are received to continue the straightening process

The total number of clear aligners is specific to you, determined by your doctor for your course of treatment.


Recovery Expectations

Most people have some discomfort after aligners are first put on or when adjusted during treatment until your tongue, tooth and mouth becomes accustomed to the aligners. Overall, orthodontic discomfort is short-lived and easily managed.


Care of Teeth with Invisalign

  1. Teeth and the aligners would need to be kept cleaned every day if the teeth and gums are to be healthy during and after orthodontic treatment
  2. Follow your orthodontist directions on how often to brush, how often to floss and he use of other cleaning aids to help maintain good dental health

Goto section on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Invisalign and Invisalign treatmetn
Goto BIDC Thailand Invisalign website.


At our dental center , each portion of an individual's dental works is done by corresponding dental specialists in ensuring that each patient receives proper treatment.

Case Gallery



Photo Tesimonials USA

Mr.Cawthon JR
Mr. Ronald Edward Pacholec 
Ms.Nan from USA
Mr. William Barnes
Mr. Samuel Fryar
Mr.Daniel Lee
Mr. Michael Thompson
Mr. Ari Lawernce
Mrs.Amber Pena
Mr. Sherman Kassof


Patient Reviews of Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC)

A large number of Interational visitors has flown Thailand specially to have their dental works done with us. Below are actual patient reviews on having dental treatment done in at our award-winning dental clinic and JCI Certification in Thailand. Watch and listen to dental reviews,comments on their dental experience and feedback on having treatment done at Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC).

Our patients has done the video testimonials voluntarily without any given incentives. Goto BIDC's YouTube Channel to view more than 80+ videos clips from previous actual visitors who have travelled worldwide to BIDC for their dental treatments. Click on the images to go to actual YouTube Video Testimonials.


Patient Stories Testimonials - By Treatment

Dental Implants | Dental Crowns VeneersGeneral Dentistry


Dental Implants

American Physicist on Full Dental Implants "Dentists are very Skilled. Had multiple implants done, there was no one moment of pain. The dentists were very skilled and precise”

Australian Doctor on Teeth Implants Crowns "As good as in USA & Australia. I am very happy with treatment, professionalism of doctors and hygiene levels "

Australian on Dental Implants "Treatment decisions made were based as a person. I was pleasantly surprised with the conservative attitude. The standards here for me has been teamwork"

Australian on Full Mouth Implant Dentures " I felt I was in good hands, I was always informed… I was overwhelmed with the staff and professionalism. Thank you giving back my confidence!"

American Lawyer reviews teeth extraction, dental implant and dental crown "Very confident. No hidden charges. I'm very confident in the dentist and everyone here at BIDC."

Australian on Full Mouth Implant Dentures “I felt I was in good hands, I was always informed.... I was overwhelmed with the staff and professionalism. Thank you giving back my confidence!"

New Zealander with multiple fillings and gum disease on treatment "Absolutely the Best! After my treatment I feel got my pretty smile back again."

Australian with Teeth Implants & Teeth Crowns "I'm very happy with the outcome, and very happy with the service of the staff and the doctors here

Australian on dental implants, crowns and root canal treatment "My Australian doctor friend researched BIDC and recommended me here. I have entire a new smile. It has increase my confidenc and change my life"

Pharmaeutical manager replaces missing teeth with 5 Implants "There was absolutely no pain! Extremely happy on treatment quality at fraction of price in UK"

New Zealand on root canal, fillings, crowns & implants "The level of treatment and quality of workmanship is 10 times higher than back home. Everybody is completely professional...100% recommended"

Australian engineer with dental implants and crowns "Top-notch dentistry, holistic approach. Treatment has basically been painless"

Life-changing story by Australian who reviews his sister was introduced to BIDC by 2 Australian doctors who had previous dental works here. His sister had crowns smile makeover that made her look younger and feeling confident and changed her life.

American from South Carolina, USA reviews "100% Professionals! The service exceeds the level of care in the United States. And the price is good."

Australian reviews his dental implant surgery experience "The service was most outstanding. I was well looked after. High hygiene standards."

Australian review with dental implants "I had incredible good service. I felt reassured by the quality of care given. I had low level of discomfort that made me feel confident.



Dental Crowns and Porcelain Veneers

Recommended by Australian healthcare company to BIDC for 9 crowns "I felt fantastic! The level of care is exceptional. Extremely professional."

Australian who had smile Makeover with crown lengthening and 20 crowns "I haven't smiled in 30 years and I'm now smiling! Very happy with results!"

Australian on having asethetic crowns "They take extra care. I'm extremely with results. The staff very efficient, friendly and helpful!"

American had all ceramic crowns to resolve tetracycline stains "I came because of their reputation. I couldn't be more pleased"

Australian from Goldcoast Queensland had 6 porcelain veneers,crowns, bridges "Only dental clinics that had everything, all the facilities in one building. Very happy with results. I love my new smile!"

Education design Australian from Melbourne reviews having 6 porcelain veneers "Happy with transparency on costs. My experience has been really. Very clean. Fantastic Service"

Australian had Dental Makeover 11 crowns 13 veneers in 8 days “I feel absolutely fantastic! Its pain-free. I'm normally very nervous, yet this is quite a pain free process."

Australian from Queensland on extensive dental work "Fantastic work. The quality is 100%. Dentists are very qualified. The cost is half of back home but the quality of work is 100% better"

Australian visits internationally acclaimed BIDC "Very Professional Doctors. I have No More Pain. All treatment sensational. Looks very good and clean establishment"

Australian Government Builder from Melbourne Victoria with numerous works "I was very impressed. This is a fantastic facility. They explain every single step and its costings. Highly professional treatment at BIDC. A happy experience"

Australian from New South Wales with 11 crowns and bridge "It is the most professional, clean, caring environment. If prepared to travel, you'll find it financially beneficial. The care is just FIRST class!"

Initially scared on having dental implants on both upper and lower jaw, Australian reviews “It was painless. Results has been absolutely fantastic. Staff and dentists absolutely wonderful”

New Zealand review on dental crowns "A Great Experience. Everything Kept Calm. Staff was absolutely fantastic and courteous, very obliging"

Australian had crowns, root canal and deep cleaning. " Very Professional & Clean. I felt great after treatments. I could understand everyone well"

Australian couple had extensive dental work "Highly Qualified Accredited Dentist. Extremely happy. Very professional, full accreditation. Hygiene, efficiency and cleanliness absolutely wonderful!”

Australian had 7 dental crowns "Its very Professional here. The staff are lovely and very welcoming."



General Dentistry

American Nurse reviews "Matches standards in America. Happy with care. Really modern with advanced standards. Treatment was explained in detail. My dentist was awesome! Best dental work done. Up to code. Really good experience!”

Australia from Sydney travels for full dental veneers looking to get the best treatment available. “They got leading state-of-the art equipments. The staff are friendly and professional. Treatment was Great! My dentist is Very Good. No swelling. No Pain.

Australian from Kent with initial dental anxiety on implants reviews "The standard of dentistry is extremely high. Hygiene is fantastic."

New Zealander reviews dental crowns & implant dentures "Definitely the best dental experience. Extremely caring and professional. Attention to pain relief was exceptional. Affordable cost.”

Australian from Victoria treated for gum disease "Painless treatment, up to date and no after effects. No pain. No problems. All specialists are in one building. Quickly appointments. Dental facilities here are world-class."

New Zealander compliments post treatment care and dental pain relieve methods "Definitely the best dental experience. Extremely caring and professional. Attention particularly to pain relief and after treatment care was exceptional. Professional"

Australia had extensive crown works, porcelain veneers and fillings “Felt really good. Personally, I felt no pain, no discomfort of significant degree that was surprising.”

New Zealander reviews dental works “Treatment in 3 to 4 visits. No post dental issues. Was in full knowledge of everything. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. Offers professional service"




Patient Stories Testimonials - By Countries

Australia | New ZealandUSA | EuropeUnited Kingdom | Asia


Australian Doctor needed specialist root canal treatment reviews "Specialists Treated. Was on a Tight Schedule for Treatment. Completed in Timeframe”

Melbourne Australian had dental crowns and dental implants reviews “All I can say is I wish I could have come here earlier! Outstanding staff. The dentists are unbelievable! Glad that I took the punch to come here! They are great!'

Perth Australian had avoided dentists from morbid fear of dentistry reviews “I had 1 bridge, 6 crowns, 4 veneers at a fraction of the cost. Essentially it was painless!

Australian from Melbourne with upper All-on-4 and lower implants reviews "More than pleased"

Australian from Sydney with no back teeth had dental implants reviews "So so happy now. I can chew. Very very clean. Service was fantastic"

Australian travel agent reviews “Treatment has been highly professional. Really caring. Very thorough and detailed focused”

Australian reviews having fillings, root canal and dental works "I have never felt better. Will not find better cleanliness, friendliness. One-stop shop for Dental Needs. Fabulous!”

Paul from Australia had top and bottom teeth implants reviews ”Very happy with the outcome. Very happy with staff service and doctors here."

Australian Aircrew with dental implants reviews "This center is professional with good communications. I feel great With my new teeth and smile!"

Australian with all ceramic crowns & veneers reviews " I had 22 crowns and veneers that took placed between 2 separate visits. The quality of work is by far the best! Very professional services"

Australians from Gold Coast review on dental implant, teeth whitening, crowns "Very happy treatment. Professionals in every respect."


Perth Western Australian had 4 crowns, 2 root canals, teeth whitening, 4 fillings "My dental experience is something I've not witnessed before. Experience is fantastic."

NewCastle Australian with 15 crowns and 4 implants reviews "Exceptional Dentists. Superior Quality. Professionalism over the top"

Brisbane Australian with 10 crowns and 4 implants reviews "Team approach dentists. Specialists are on the spot. Style, craftsmanship absolutely stunning. Very pleased with outcome."

Melbourne Australian on missing gap replacement “I was really impressed on recommendations. The treatments is economical compared to back home"

Australian University Teacher had 3 bridges reviews "Setup Very Professional. Clear in the communication. Very warm supportive”



New Zealand

New Zealand had dental fillings reviews “I found them to be very professional and very good.”

New Zealand on large numbers of fillings and tooth crowns reviews “Very friendly staff. Helpful doctor that kept me going. It was brilliant"

New Zealand Nurse reviews "One of most amazing dental experiences. Extremely professional. Very caring. Appointments were on time. Pricing very reasonable. Premises clean. Staff attentive and calm. Totally enjoyable experience!”

New Zealand from North Island chose BIDC due to good standards "100% happy with the service from very beginning. The doctor is absolutely fantastic!”

Auckland New Zealand dentist reviews “Knew exactly what was needed before I came. Felt really good. I've had good professional treatment. My mouth feels great! Amazing service. Friendly, helpful and respectful!”

New Zealand reviews on root canal treatment and crowns "BIDC is top class. Standard is excellent. BEST thing that I found out in Thailand”

Auckland New Zealand with extensive dental crowns on my upper teeth reviews "They are very professional, very good. I feel like a new person with my new teeth now"

New Zealand dentist review on Root Canal and 3 crowns “Very happy with the customer service, care, and degree of professionalism experienced.




American Professor "I have dental phobia. But everyone was so warm, gentle and professional. Understatement on Best dental experience had expected. I feel great!"

American with 18 aesthetic veneers reviews “Extremely pleased! Level of professionalism, efficiency and support met all of my expectations. Very good! "

American from Texas had extensive work reviews “Clean, state-of-the-art. I had no pain at all. First time not bothered by dentists. Awesome!"

American had numerous crowns reviews “Enjoyed the whole experience. I'm much more confident now. Very happy"




Switzerland review on dental checkup and cavities “Very happy. Dentist very capable and gentle.”

Swedish dental review "Visited BIDC since 2006. Very satisfied. Skillful dentist"

French patient with crowns, fillings, root canal, extraction reviews "Extremely impressed by the very competent professionals, the patient nurses, helpful and considerate reception staff!”

Norwegian review “I'm very impressed by work. Very professional. Friendly that is important when in dentist's chair for up to 5 hours a day"



United Kingdom

British from South Wales had his teeth removal and new dentures "Very Good Job. Very pleased with the work! Brilliant dentists"

British review on 5 dental implants "Treatment was absolutely fantastic. No pain during procedure. No hesitation for quality treatment. Best in Thailand!"

British Dentist reviews having veneers and whitening "I felt confident whole way. So professional from start to finish. Clean and hygienic facilities. Brilliant work & costs. "

British with dental anxiety and fear of dentist reviews "I feel extremely relieved. I'm extremely grateful for staff’s sensitivity. I felt so calm which considering my state of mind. Quite remarkable!”




Singaporean provides dentist review on having invisalign done in Thailand "Really thankful for all treatment. My teeth looks perfect. Perfectly Good!"

Actor and model from Norway in Thailand did Invisalign review “It's very clean. My teeth are all straighten up and all white. Friendly english-speaking staff. Modern equipment“

American Expat in Thailand "Recommend for Advanced Treatments. My Easiest Root Canal. Feel comfortable and relaxed.”

Swiss expat reviews on dental checkup and having dental filling“Very happy. Dentist very capable and gentle.”




Case Gallery



Photo Tesimonials Australia

Mr. and Mrs. Robb
Ms. Mary-Rose Birch
Mr. Kevin James-Mrs.Joylen Tadlas
Mr. and Mrs. Waters
Mr. Anthony Kast Anos
Mr. Luke Carmody
Ms. Nicole
Mr. Darren James Pitcher
Mr. Michael Brennan
Mr. Lee Richard
Mr. John James Grant 
Mr. Oakley Luther Bright


Mr. Tamlin Hill
Ms. Ruby McNeil
Mrs. Kathryn
Mr. Ian Podger
Mrs. Debra Gayle Brosnan
Mr. Alan Austin
Ms. Sandra Simm
Mr. Christopher Hancock


Mr. Raymond Heathwood
Mr. O'Donnell 
Mr. Martin Brinkworth
Mr. Patrick McKay
Ms. Linda Drake 
Mr. Paul Donelly
Ms. Sara Ramill
Mr. Richard Grant
Mr. Simon Mclean
Mr. Stanley Hall
Mr. David Mustoe 
Mr. Steen Jones


Ms. Alison Koger
Mr. Gary Johnson 
Ms. Gail Baker
Mr. Edward Davidson

At our dental center , each portion of an individual's dental works is done by corresponding dental specialists in ensuring that each patient receives proper treatment.

Case Gallery



Photo Tesimonials New Zaeland

Mr.Steven Montgomery
Mr. & Mrs.Newlands 
Ms. Patricia Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Faull From New Zaeland
Mr. William Corke
Mr. Smith
Mr. and Mrs.Hellberg From New Zaeland
Mr. Stephen Foster
Mr. Stephen Murray Hiscock 
Ms. Dodunski and Mr. Connor
Mr. Oakley Luther Bright


Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) is one of the top dental clinics in Thailand for Invisalign orthodontic treatments having received the Invisalign Diamond Award for successfully treating a large number of Invisalign caes given out by Align Technologies from the USA.

Below are stories from patients by Video and by Photos of cases done at Bangkok Interational Dental Clinic

Case Gallery



Photo Tesimonials Thailand

คุณโตโน่ ภาคิน
คุณฝ้าย สุภาพร มะลิซ้อน
คุณแยม มทิรา ตันติประสุต
คุณแจน ใบบุญ
คุณพลอย ชิดจันทร์
คุณนพพล พิทักษ์โล่
คุณมายด์ ลภัสลัล
คุณณัฐพิมล นาฏยลักษณ์
Khun Patricia Good 
คุณอ๋อ ญาดา เทพนม
คุณ คุณปวิน ชิณวงษ์ 
คุณชาม ไอยวริญท์ 


คุณพิพัฒน์ วิทยาปัญญานนท์