BIDC in the Media


BIDC Success Celebration Event

In October 2010, Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) celebrates its 5 year anniversary. The event celebration marks BIDC's success in having received the highest official government award of Thailand Prime Minister's Export Award 2010 and the Baipo Business Award 2010 by Sasin Business School.


BIDC has grown rapidly over the past 5 years, standing now as one of the largest private dental clinic in Bangkok with a team of over 70 dentists. The dental center has gotten its share of media attention as an international dental tourism center servicing a large number of foreign patients in boasting the country's medical or dental tourism sector.


Held at BIDC Dental Complex, the event saw some of Thailand's well-known celebrities, familiar social elites figures and overseas alliances. BIDC's patients include former Miss Thailand Word Ms Nikanlaya Dunya and model/actress Elisabeth Sadler. The BIDC event was covered by various newspapers,magazines and television broadcast.


Chic Event Scoop

Chic Channel reports BIDC on its Success Celebration Event (in thai language).