Cercon Crowns

Cercon Smart Ceramic is one type of porcelain by DeguDent. Cercon crowns are made from high-performace ceramic, ziconium oxide that has been in use for along time - in diverse applications such as the space shuttle and artificial hip joints. Cercon crowns are strong, fracture resistant, pleasing to the eye and most importantly biocompatible.


Advantage of Cercon

  • Cercon is metal-free
  • Cercon is made from zironium oxide that is biocompatible with low cold and hot conductivity maintain a healthy flora
  • Cercon prosthetics are long lasting
  • Cercon crowns and bridges looks like natural teeth and aesthetically pleasing
  • Cercon prosthetics sits firmly and securely and preserves healthy tooth structure
  • Cercon crowns and bridges are easy to look after
  • Cercon crowns has years of clinically documented quality. Cercon is a high tech material with high strength valuess


Why Choose BIDC?


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