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Immediate Loaded Implants

Immediate loaded implants are also known as immediate function implants. Immediate load implants refers to having permanent or temporary prosthetics placed on the implant post during the same period or treatment visit when the dental implant posts are surgical placed.
The immediate loading of dental implants shortens the treatment time and makes it possible to give the patient an esthetic appearance during the whole treatment period.

Immediate Load Implants vs Convetional Implants

Stage 1
Implant Site Preparation
  • Tooth extraction
  • Bone grafting
Stage 2
Implant Post Surgical Insertion
Stage 3
Prosthetics Placed On Implant Post
  • crowns
  • bridge
  • hybrid bridge
  • dentures

For immediate load implants, prosthetics on implants is done during the same period when implant post is placed on.This means that Stage 2 and 3 are done together. Impression taking for prosthetics such as crown, bridge or dentures is taken after the surgical implant post placement is done. Upon delivery of the labworks, the prosthetics on implants is then fitted onto the abutments and implant posts during the same trip. The prosthetics on implants may be temporary or permanent.
The dental treatment procedure and steps for immediate loaded implants are the same as that for conventional implants, the main difference being that the temporary crown or bridge is loaded onto the implants after its surgical placement. Before immediate load implants are done, there are criteria to inclusion or exclusion to having for immediate and immediate load implants done. Immediate loaded implants does not apply to all cases and is dependent on the individual's bone quality and condition.
Due to dental implant material, implant techniques and implant technological developments for immediate implants and immediate load implants, the completion time for dental implants has now been cut short from more than 8 months to just 2 months.
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Benefits of Immediate Loaded Implants

  • Immediately functioning teeth
  • Good esthetic results
  • Shorter treatment time with minimized pain


Immediate Implant & Immediate Loaded Conventional Dental Implant Ranges

There are various dental implant systems on the marketing including Straumann, Nobel Biocare, Intralock, Zimmer implants.
At BIDC, our implantologists uses Straumann and Nobel Bicoare implants due to is global reputation, established branding and availability in markets overseas enabling overseas patients peace of mind that upon their return to their country, these implant systems are of a familiar implant system to their dentists and implantologists back home should maintenance by chosen to be done back home.
For immediate and immediate load implants, there are specific implant systems within Struaman and Nobel Bicoare system that may be recommeded to reducing risks and increase survival rate of the implant treatment during the first few weeks afer implant placement:

Nobel Bicoare Implants Polishing

Nobel Active


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