Intralock Implants

Headquarted in the USA, Intra-Lock produces a full range of dental implants and restorative components. All Intra-Lock dental implants has a Drive-Lock technology to allow implants to be easily removed from its sterile package, carried to the implant site and threaded into place in one fluid motion.


Intralock carries a variety of dental implant systems including:


Intralock's Blossom implants incorporates at least one cutting surface on each thread on the implant body that aids to improve the dynamics during implant insertion. The design also provides pathways for the bone chips to be evenly distributed for a self-clearing action that encourages faster osseointegration.
Mini Drive-Lock (MDL) is a one-piece small diameter implant commonly used in denture stabilization or fixed prosthetics. Its OSSEAN allows for rapid healing and an increased biomechanical fixation
The Milo Implant is a multiple-system implant engineered for long-term denture stablization. The Milo implants has increased bone interface for increased load transfer capabilities and greater yield strength.
Universal External Hex (Unihex) implants by Intralock is based on tehnological advancements in Intralock's Internal Connection Implant System and standard Branemark implants. The implant has OSSEAN surfaces that activates the body's natural healing abilities and stimulates bone cell metabolism.


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