IPS Empress

IPS Empress System is a time-tested system all ceramic restoration that has been used with more than 33 million restorations to date.IPS Empress veneers and IPS Empress eMax crowns has gained a reputation for producing long-lasting, natural-looking results and maintaining high quality standards.


The IPS Empress System continues to be synonymous with highly aesthetic fully anatomic single tooth restorations fabricated with all-ceramics.


Types of IPS Empress

IPS Empress II
  • original IPS Empress material designed to provide the opportunity for outstanding esthetics
  • various powders are mixed with IPS Empress ingots to create incredibly life-like veneers with layering transluency and natural looking restorations
IPS Empress Esthetics
  • the new IPS Empress Esthetics material create pressed andlayered restorations that truly mimic the beauty of natural teeth and conserve valuable tooth structure
  • the IPS Empress Esthetic material's color, clarity, strength, and leucite crystal distribution have all been enhanced resulting in improved strength and superior optical properties
IPS Empress e.Max
  • IPS eMax offers a balance of versatility and simplicity
  • IPS eMax offers a single layering ceramic IPS e.max that enables various fabrication techniques with outstanding esthetics
  • IPS eMax is of a cementable material that delivers the ultimate in metal free esthetics 
    and strength
  • IPS eMax ideal for difficult combination cases


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