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Clear Braces

Clear braces uses the same orthodontic treatment techniques as having conventional metal braces. The main difference being that clear braces utilizes new bracket materials that are tooth-colored or transluent so that braces appears less visible. Rubber bands on ceramic braces may also be clear.

Metal Braces
Metal braces normally consists of metal brackets with surrounding colored o-ring bands that you are able to choose from for self-expression.
Clear Braces

Clear braces uses clear or ceramic brackets with transluent o-rings. Special brackets such as Clarity SL braces does not use o-rings at all making orthodontic treatment less visible.


Benefits of Clear Braces

  • Translucent designed to blend in with teeth and thus fairly unnoticeable from distances and in photographs
  • Many find ceramic braces are more comfortable than metal and tends to be less irritating to the gums
  • Ceramic braces does not stain unlike composite brackets


Procedure for Clear Braces

The procedure for dental braces, recovery expectations and post care instructions for clear braces follows the same as that of metal braces.


Types of Clear Braces

BIDC uses clear braces from 3M Unitek including 3M Clarity braces and 3M Clarity SL braces.


Other alternative to having non-visible orthodontic treatment include clear aligners, invisalign and lingual braces that are suited for adults and individuals who would like to seek orthodontic treatment without the appearance of wearing braces.


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